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Q What are the benefits of online card payments?
A: "Payment function" is essential for e-commerce. We recommend to use online card payments to attract customers.
If there is no online payment option in a website, about 60 % users do not make reservations or purchase goods or services in other shops that do accept online payments, according to Internet white paper of Internet Association Japan.
Online payments provide you with numerous benefits, such as a reduced cancellation rate and reducing your time for collecting payments and administrating sales.
Q With what kind of system can we make online card payments?
A: PayLand has two types: "Built-in Seamless Type" and "Mail Link Type". PayLand offers you a flexible service depending on the conditions of your website and request.
Q What is "Built-in Seamless Type"?
A: The Built-in Seamless Type, also referred to as the module type, can incorporate payment functions into your website.
This type provides a highly flexible site structure and smooth payments, both of which will increase the purchase rate. Moreover, it is totally automated, so that you can save on operational costs and administer sales in real time. The Built-in Seamless Type is appropriate for large and middle scale websites. For further details, please contact us.
Q What is "Mail Link Type"?
A: With the Mail Link Type, you send a URL in the reply mail to customers. The customers follow the link to make online payments on the website. The administration page is provided by us, and you can easily set up individual URLs for payments. The Mail Link type is appropriate for small scale, low cost sites or for people who would like to introduce the online payment service immediately. Even if you have no website, you can use this type. For further details, please contact us.
Q Does the system accept payments by mobile phones?
A: Yes, major Japanese mobile phones by Docomo, AU, and Softbank that are capable of SSL communication are supported.
Q Does the system accept payments by smartphones?
A: We have not yet support smartphones such as iPhone and Android-based phones, but we have plans to do so in the future.
Q What languages other than Japanese are available?
A: Multi languages including English, Korean and Chinese.
Q What currencies are available other than U.S. dollar?
A: Only U.S. dollar is available.
Q Which credit cards are accepted?
A: Depending on the contract details, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and American Express are currently accepted.
Q What is the cost of the service?
A: An initial fee, monthly fee, and commission fee are necessary. For member shops, the amount that gets paid into the account every month equals the total transaction payments minus related expenses. In addition, a commission fee for Payment Gateway etc., is required.
The related expenses change depending on service contents and sales dollar volume. For further details, please contact us.
Q What is the general flow from sales to get paid into my account?
A: It changes depending on various conditions. For further details, please contact us.
Q Can I continuously charge for services such as membership fees and regular purchase (distribution) fees?
A: No.
Q Are there restrictions on items or services to be sold?
A: Yes. We have a criterion for examination. We will see details of your items when you sign up with PayLand.
Q Is it necessary to sign up with credit card companies?
A: Yes. In addition to the sign up with credit card companies, sign up with Payment GateWay etc. is also necessary.
Q Are there examinations when introducing the system? What are the terms and conditions of the contract?
A: Your residence address should be in the United States, Hawaii or Guam. Also each credit card company has a criterion for examination. For further details, please contact us.
Q Is it possible for individual business owners to use the payment service?
A: Yes. PayLand is available also for individual business owners. Please feel free to contact us.
Q How can I check my sales status?
A: PayLand offers you a page for administering your sales status.
Q How will charges appear on the customer's credit card?
A: Your company's name (business name) can be used, although it depends on the contract detail.

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